Schools admission fraud is increasing.  Suspected cases of fraud have trebled from 2012 to 2015 .

Record numbers of parents are falsely declaring their home address on the admission applications to get their children into the school of their choice - including using the addresses of grandparents, their businesses, and houses they don’t even live in.  Parents are even temporarily renting (but not moving into) small apartments or houses in catchment areas for choice schools to secure a place for their children.
Checking hundreds of schools admission applications is a time consuming and resource intensive task.  Many applications are now completed on-line, but this doesn't make the task of confirming the parents’ primary home any easier.  Councils can perform some desktop checks using internal data sets, but more time consuming and costly home visits are required to confirm the family’s residence.
​​ Datatank’s School Admission Checker is
an online tool that can help you:

  • perform your initial checks more accurately

  • target your resources at risk-of-fraud cases

​School Admissions Checker substantially reduces the time and effort involved in verifying applications.  It can be used to check individual applications at time of submission or used to batch process high volumes of applications quickly in one go.
School Admissions Checker can be used by Local Authorities and by Secondary Schools who elect to carry out their own In-Year admissions.
Simply upload your data using Datatank’s secure data transfer gateway and Schools Admission Checker will perform automatic cross-checks and data matches to identify applications at risk of fraud.
Once you’re ready, simply select ‘go’ and Schools Admission Checker will automatically filter, process and match your data to highlight those applications where there is risk the parents do not live within the catchment area at the address provided
Check your schools
The Chief Schools Adjudicator said there had been a 53% increase in the number of offers being pulled in 2015 due to fraudulent applications being uncovered

In England,
103,248 of pupils did not get into any school of their choice

Across London,
only 77% of pupils' first choice school applications were successful.