DTX Revenues and Benefits
Your one stop solution for managing Revenue's and Benefits.
​​DTX is our all encompassing Revenues and Benefits software solution. Designed from the ground up with the citizen, authority and government at the forefront.
We have operated in the public sector since our organisations incpetion in the year 2000, learning from our experiences we have developed an intuitive software solution to cater for each of the personas invovled.
Our solution compliments our services offerings and tightens our commitment in the world of public sector.

Our aim is simple, to disrupt the market and service our clients with easy-to-use and intuitive software with a low total cost of ownership and maximum business affect by innovating and leading the way with change.
 With support for some areas ring fenced, funding reduced due to budget cuts and support needs increasing due to welfare reform policies, local authorities face big challenges when designing their best-fit CTR scheme.
Connect allows you to consider the needs of your most vulnerable residents whilst balancing the need for cost reductions.
Connect is a cloud-based enterprise data hub that can be used to collect and store multiple and unlimited data sets. Whilst being cost-effective, reliable and secure, Connect enables diverse users to easily gain invaluable insight and vital information from the data.
As precepting authorities, County Councils can work closely with their district authorities to jointly develop schemes that benefit the districts citizens and the County as a whole.  Connect allows data to be aggregated from multiple authorities so that county wide schemes can be considered.
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