March 2017
OPUS 2.1 features & updates
​OPUS 2.1 arrives fresh on your screens on 21/3/2017 with a host of new features, updates and bug fixes

We've listened to your feedback and suggestions and OPUS 2.1 now includes the following new functionality:

Features & updates

  1. We've introduced a new referrals reporting module that allows you to generate customised management reports. You can decide what data fields are included, what columns are displayed and include filters to give you greater visibility and control and make management reporting easier. You can also report on trigger events and OPUS will automatically make suggestions as you start to type your trigger event
    Referrals Reporting
  2. The OPUS management system now includes a System Owner user category, which allows them to oversee, manage and control every aspect of their OPUS system. Think of the System Owner of having the master OPUS account
    System Owner
  3. The system owner can now delegate some of the management and configuration of Opus to other users, some of which can be restricted on a per department basis. For example, user1 from department A can now configure allegations and diary events but they might not be able to do this for departments B and C
    Permissions Delegation
  4. Previously, it was only possible to search people and property fields. You can now search the contents of all case notes as well. For example, you may want to search for “pink van” and Opus will now show you all instances of where “pink van” is found inside the case notes themselves. If you search for a phrase in a particular case that you don't have access to, you will not be able to see the whole note. You will however be able to see the case reference
    Extended Text Searching
  5. User groups can now be deleted if there are no user in that group
    User Group Deletion
  6. Previously you couldn't delete a saved work report and it stayed there forever
    Delete a Saved Work Report
  7. Users can now report issues and software ‘bugs’ and send user comment and feedback from within the system itself
    Error Reporting & Feedback
  The following software issues have also been fixed:

  • All bookmarks are now displayed.   Previously, bookmarks would disappear if there were too many in the list
  • You can now change the print order of case notes. Previously the notes printed in a standard order
  • Your email address is automatically re-entered for you after an incorrect login.  Previously, you had to retype your email address
  • The sort order is remembered sorting when you return to a page.  Previously, the sort order returned to the default setting when you returned to a page
  • Date sorting and ordering now functions correctly
  • The case field name limit has been increased from 30 to 50
  • The user will be prompted to change their password when they first log. Rather than having to remember a system generated password, an automatic prompt will ask the user to enter a new one, so that they can easily remember it
  • Full user names can now be used
We hope you find the 2.1 release useful. If you have any comments or want to suggest a fix or feature for the next update, we'd love to hear from you. You can email us here or phone us on 0115 786 0107