Housing Benefit Fraud and Error
Our fully managed service check for fraud and error in your CTR (and HB), whilst
minimising the time, administration effort and cost of verifying your benefits caseload.
Datatank provides a simple and cost effective service to identify and cancel fraudulent Council Tax Reduction (CTR) and Housing Benefit
claims. Our CTR and FERIS review is a complete end-to-end solution which includes:​
CTR fraud will be reduced and savings increased within 8 to 10 weeks, whilst also making a significant contribution towards achieving your Housing Benefit FERIS targets.

Worried about HB overpayment liabilities?   Don’t be – we can provide expert advice, guidance, and support to reduce your liabilities and maximise your income from your housing benefit subsidy claims. 

Our FERIS service has already helped our customers reduce their benefits awards and achieve their FERIS targets.
  • Error checking and cleansing of your data​.
  • Analysis and risk scoring for each case.
  • Generation and management of claimant review letters.
  • ​Electronic capture of all claimant responses.
  • Real-time management information on project progress, caseloads, claimants contacted and case outcomes.
  • Council Tax specialists to handle all CTR claimant enquiries, validate claimant responses and update the council's Revenues and Benefits system.
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