Empty Homes Review

Maximizing your New Homes Bonus whilst it's still available

Our Empty Homes review service helps you identify homes that have been brought back into use, enabling you to maximise revenue from the new homes bonus grant, and helping to tackle the UK’s housing shortage. Using credit reference data and your council tax records, we review all properties within your authority.

D​​atatank provides a fully-managed service, meaning we carry out the entire review and verification process on your behalf, without placing any additional demands on your existing resource. We can take inbound and make outbound calls for you, as well as conduct property inspection visits on your behalf in order to achieve the best possible results.

If you'd prefer to make your own property visits, we would notify you of those homes which may require a inspection where occupancy cannot be verified from data matching alone. This significantly cuts down the number of properties in need of a visit and allows you to focus your efforts on properties at risk. 
The Empty Homes Review Service will help you to:

  • Identify all properties that have been empty for at least 6 months

  • Quickly determine properties that show evidence of occupancy

  • Assess whether each home brought back into use is eligible to receive the new homes bonus grant

  • Target your staff to inspect properties to confirm occupancy status

  • Check whether the residents are required to pay council tax on the property

  • Keep your council tax records up to date with the latest information
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