FERIS Checker
Detecting change in claimant circumstances
​​Simply upload your Single Housing Benefits Extract (SHBE) file(s) via our secure online portal, and we will provide you with cases at risk of fraud and error for your interventions team to manage and process.
FERIS Checker is a secure automated tool that applies a series of data processing and analytics rules to your SHBE files to detect the likelihood that claimant change in circumstances have not been declared.  It runs a number of FERIS Good Practise intervention checks and alerts you to risk of fraud and error in your caseload.  Specific interventions can be selected on your local risk criteria and own interventions strategy.    Run them separately or run them all together in parallel – the choice is yours.  Results are back within 5 to 10 days dependent upon the interventions you choose to run.

FERIS Checker substantially reduces the time, effort and cost associated with manual interventions conducted by your own team.  It allows you to focus on the cases that matter and can help you achieve your FERIS threshold targets.

You can view the change in caseload and HB payments, and calculate the value of the reductions you have generated each quarter. 
Check your risk of fraud and error