Continuous Rolling Review

including reviewing your discounts and exemptions

The best results are acheived with a Continuous Rolling Review.

That's what they say! Would you be interested to know that 6 out of the 10 councils with the lowest percentage SPD base already work with Datatank?

The Continuous Rolling Review covers your SPD New Claims and both your council tax & council tax reduction cases, as well as any other discounts and exemptions you're looking to focus on. The result is a truly bespoke Continuous Rolling Review for your council, meaning you can review many of your discounts and exemptions with one supplier under one roof.

Essentially it’s all about the constant policing of all discounts and exemptions whilst facilitating audit processes.  You pick and choose the reviews in line with your goals, and we put together a schedule with you to fit around your other activities. Some clients run across a few months, other run across a whole year whilst incorporating SPD, and we manage the whole process for you along the way.

The truth is, your SPD base should be reducing, and if it isn't, it's possibly time to think about making a change. The good news is that with a Continuous Rolling Review we can help make the changes and implement a strategy that will work for you and your council to get your SPD base moving in the right direction. Our statistics show that councils opting in to Datatank's Continuous Rolling Review will see reducing numbers of SPD claims year after year, and our advanced screening and risk scoring methods mean we only target risk or error claims, saving you time and effort spent post-project, reinstating wrongly cancelled claims.

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Reduce your SPD base

Number of opt-in reviews to choose from based on your focus and goals for the year

Bespoke schedule to fit around your commitments

Real time reporting and analytics

Keep your council tax records up to date with the latest information
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