The Rolling Review

What if there was a way to still achieve great results without having to pause one project to take up other? What if there was a way to free up more of your man hours and spread the workload over an extended period?
At a time when council man hours are tight and results come under resource related scrutiny, the Single Person Discount review can sometimes seem like a drain on man power.
Enter, The Rolling Review.
Datatank offers the facility to run your SPD Review in batches across as few or many months as you need. With evenly distributed mailing, contact, queries, processing and SPD removals, our current clients are feeling the benefit of being able to plan in advance without fear of spiking workloads. ​ We can roll your review month by month across the year or whatever time period suits you most.
​​Anything from a 3 to 10 batch/month review could help spread the weight across your calender. You choose the number of batches and the start month, we'll look after the timings and scheduling for each of the batches
Our Rolling Review clients are still given a named, single point of contact to help coordinate their review. With that hands-on, familiar yet professional relationship running across the period, a smooth customer experience is guaranteed.

Each council has its own identity, we understand that, and with no two being the same we still offer a fully customisable rolling service to give our clients as much or as little involvement with the day to day running of the operation as is required.

We also understand that it’s still about getting real value for your SPD review , which is why there’s no extra cost involved in making it Rolling. It’s a customised review to suit your needs at your convenience, without a hike in your invoice.

With a 1st class service underway it's no surprise when our clients go on to ask us to look at their Household Composition across-the-board,  including our  Class N , Empty Homes , and  Tenancy  reviews.

If you’d like to speak to us in detail about what a rolling review could mean for your council, leave us your details and we'll be in touch.

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