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With the digital revolution in full swing it's hardly surprising that we've seen more and more residents responding to SPD reviews via e-form.

With that in mind, we've released brand new user friendly, mobile optimised e-forms for our 2017 SPD reviews as standard. Essentially we've made it easier and quicker than ever to respond via mobile channels.

Everyone wants to save time and effort, and by responding from their tablets and mobile phones, people are updating their council of any change in circumstance in less than a minute. No post. No mailman. All from the palm of their hand. We're giving people the tools to free up their time  whilst ensuring that we retain that essential electronic signature declaration.

(your sample pin is 111111, your sample account number is 222222 and your sample postcode is 333333)

Of all e-responses received, here's how the age groups stack up against each other:
​​Given the convenient  option to respond without the hassle of finding a postbox, and with the knowledge that a response can't then get lost in the post, it's easy to see why all age groups are tapping touch screens and keypads

There may always be an element of handwritten response, but with digital-by-default also gathering speed, it won't be long before a council near you side-steps the paper, ink and envelopes approach in favour of a digitally minded campaign, and Datatank will be on hand to help them realise that goal

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